Link Building Basics

Links plays a major role in search engine rankings. They provide you with the popularity the you seek and the traffic that you need. There are lot of ways in acquiring them, but before you do you need to know everything about this links to avoid getting the unnecessary links or the link you don’t need for your site.

4 Important Things that you need to know about links
· Authority, trust and relevance of the link
· How search engines evaluate links
· Different type of links
· The value of link popularity

- the measure of how well search engines “trusts” a particular website to provide an accurate and reliable information. How does search engine measure trust? The answer, only SE knows. But trust is usually a name given to a set of metrics that appear to influence ones search engine rankings.

Key factors for Trust
· Links coming from authority sites and popular sites.
· Link popularity growth patterns and ageing
· Links coming from the same niche
· Power links from different niche with relevant link text – denoting the site as topical authority

Search engines use time-base indicators and link quality to establish web site trust. This trust in turn helps boost the sites search engine rankings. The best way in taking advantage of this approach is to:

· Gather your best links as early as possible(remember that link age is a factor)
· Adopt a natural link building pattern; as they say, slowly but surely.
· Make a link building balance by actively seeking “power links”.

- like trust, authority is a term that refers to a site’s reputation over a particular topic. Search engines use “authority” to measure a web sites reputation within a niche. A site maybe considered as an authority in one topic but doesn’t rank at all on other topics.

Key factors for Authority:
· Quality links from the same niche
· Links coming from different niche but using relevant link text
· Link popularity

When trust and authority combined, a domain can easily rank for search terms within their own niche. They can also dominate or rank on low-competition terms from other niche with no problems.

A good example for these are sites like : Wikipedia and These domain have built sufficient trust and authority that a new page on them can rank well on major search engines.

- it is simply a link coming from the same niche. Search engines consider them as a community/niche and measures them as a group of websites who interlinks to and with each other and carries a similar topic or theme.

Links coming from this sites carries more weight because they offer a better chance of evaluating the information that those that are outside the niche.

Link Evaluation
Search engine consider the following as primary factors in evaluating the value of a link:

· Anchor text
· Relevance of the linking site/page
· Authority of the linking site/page
· Link popularity/Pare rank of the linking site/page
· Different types of links
· Link and site age

Next time I will be discussing on the last 2 items. The value of Link Popularity and Different types of links.

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