Advantages of web-based applications

When one hears talk of web based applications, we wonder, what exactly? In reality, they are applications that use either through Internet or Intranet. In other words, web applications are applications that are used on a network. Sometimes, the term also be used for applications that are hosted in a browser-controlled environment. The request, which is encoded in a supported browser language may also be called a web application. In recent years, web-based applications have become the foreground because there are many advantages to this type of application. One of the most important advantages of the web application is that widespread implementation can be used. The most common applications are the auctions online, web mail, sales to the retail, etc the advantages of web applications are listed below.
Advantages of web-based applications

Web applications run on the Internet and have a number of advantages to them. Web-based applications have come a long way from the desktop applications. The advantages of web applications have become a series of move to users of desktop applications to web applications. The differences can be compared with the Web application server vs.

The first advantage is that it is very convenient for use. These applications can access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They can be used anywhere in the world at any time. The entire database is available all the time. One can make use of the computer or the phone to access the required data, wherever necessary. A person does not have to limit yourself to your Office only.

No installation or maintenance
Unlike desktop applications, web applications do not have to be installed and run on a web server. The time and effort required for the installation of software are also eliminated. At the same time, since the web servers are used, maintenance, troubleshooting hardly arise. You don't have to go through the headache of backups that you must take strong space in disco, etc also.

Compared with desktop applications, these applications are profitable. These applications of lower cost in comparison with web applications. At the same time, does not waste any space on your computer, since the software is run from a server. You don't have to pay maintenance fees either.

Multiple platforms
The beauty of web applications is that they work on multiple platforms. Most applications work in different Internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc A menudo are also compatible with most of the operating systems of the computers. Immaterial of the browser or operating system, there is no difference in the way in job applications. The quality of the work remains the same all the time.

Advanced versions
As an individual user does not have to worry about whether the application is up to date. The application is always up to date. There is no need to be always, fleeing as the up-gradation, etc is taken care of. This is one of the best advantages of open source web applications.

Training of users
You don't have to receive training at any particular time only. According to the convenience of the users that the user can receive training. At the same time, if a user in particular is a learning slow or don't have much time to lose, then the user can decide the pace of learning.

Disadvantages of web-based applications
Just as there are advantages of web applications, there are certain disadvantages also, web-based applications. Between the first disadvantage is that, if Internet connectivity is slow, then the application also will take time to work. This may cause a bit of headache of the user, if you are in a hurry to finish the job. Since the applications have been developed to be compatible with a number of web browsers, as well as the operating system, they do not come with sophisticated interfaces. This can be a turn off, if you are accustomed to using sophisticated interfaces. At the same time, the development of a web development often requires more time, in comparison with the development of desktop software. Since a lot of work has to be done on the compatibility of browsers, along with versions of the developers to take a considerable amount of time for it. Last, but not least, there are certain safety issues, which must be