Web site development process

A web site, in a way, is a software that has been developed for users of the World Wide Web. Therefore, for the web site to reach its final stage, there are several stages through the web page that has to go. The website development process can be compared to the development of software. There are different models of process, which can be used for web page development. The most common models are:
Lifecycle systems development
Prototype model
Rapid application development model
UML based development model

However, in the majority of the models the process passes through similar phases. On some models of two phases can be knocked together to make a process or a process can be divided between two processes. That being said we will see phases in web development.

Steps in the process of development of Web sites

Each company follows standard methodologies, modeling tools, the framework and the languages for the development of a web site. The plan for the development of a web site does not differ much from the process of software development.

Step # 1 - collection of information
The first phase of this process is the collection of information. It is also the most important phase, since any errors at this stage communication hinders the full process. At this stage, the understanding of the company and its activities is necessary. It will also include an understanding of the goals, dreams, target audience, content, etc, of society. Ask a number of questions that will make things better and give a clear view of the activities. Even a small doubt has to be clarified in this stage. This will ensure that there are no errors in the final product. Together with the information, the exact requirement you will also need to be understood. It is the use of the information collected and the specification of requirements that the web site will be developed.

Step # 2 - requirements analysis
Once the required information has been gathered, the next phase in the process of software development and web design is the analysis of requirements. Total analysis of the functioning of the developed system will help and replace the current system which is made at this stage. At the same time, the analysis must also be carried out to see how the website going to be joined with the current system. The target audience of the website should also be taken into consideration.

Step # 3 - planning
The analysis should be able to achieve a cost-effective system. At this stage, the requirements engineering team can ask for help from developers, web designers and not forget, testers. This will help them to come up with a realistic plan for the implementation of the project. The sitemap for the web site must be prepared at this stage. The entire site will have to be divided into topics and subtopics. The division will prove to be useful to classify data that needs to be put on the web. At the same time, a plan can be pointed out for navigation through the system. Planning must constantly have to end users into consideration. The interface should be in such a way that the navigation between the pages and sections of the web page is easy. The plan should also take different forms, pop ups and flash, e-commerce, etc, in consideration and plan for them accordingly.

Advantages of web-based applications

When one hears talk of web based applications, we wonder, what exactly? In reality, they are applications that use either through Internet or Intranet. In other words, web applications are applications that are used on a network. Sometimes, the term also be used for applications that are hosted in a browser-controlled environment. The request, which is encoded in a supported browser language may also be called a web application. In recent years, web-based applications have become the foreground because there are many advantages to this type of application. One of the most important advantages of the web application is that widespread implementation can be used. The most common applications are the auctions online, web mail, sales to the retail, etc the advantages of web applications are listed below.
Advantages of web-based applications

Web applications run on the Internet and have a number of advantages to them. Web-based applications have come a long way from the desktop applications. The advantages of web applications have become a series of move to users of desktop applications to web applications. The differences can be compared with the Web application server vs.

The first advantage is that it is very convenient for use. These applications can access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They can be used anywhere in the world at any time. The entire database is available all the time. One can make use of the computer or the phone to access the required data, wherever necessary. A person does not have to limit yourself to your Office only.

No installation or maintenance
Unlike desktop applications, web applications do not have to be installed and run on a web server. The time and effort required for the installation of software are also eliminated. At the same time, since the web servers are used, maintenance, troubleshooting hardly arise. You don't have to go through the headache of backups that you must take strong space in disco, etc also.

Compared with desktop applications, these applications are profitable. These applications of lower cost in comparison with web applications. At the same time, does not waste any space on your computer, since the software is run from a server. You don't have to pay maintenance fees either.

Multiple platforms
The beauty of web applications is that they work on multiple platforms. Most applications work in different Internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc A menudo are also compatible with most of the operating systems of the computers. Immaterial of the browser or operating system, there is no difference in the way in job applications. The quality of the work remains the same all the time.

How to Choose Web Architecture Company?

Web Architecture Company

There are abounding bodies on internet who alarm themselves as web designers and web architecture companies. Abounding bodies do it for fun, as a amusement or part-time. Web architecture companies full-time operations are way to go.. Web architecture companies accomplishing it for active will booty your activity seriously. Accomplish abiding your web architecture aggregation has done abundant assay on internet technologies.

5 close accomplish for award the appropriate Web architecture aggregation for you

1. Assess your needs:

A able Web architecture aggregation will assignment with you rather than for you. It will advice you in defining your organization's requirements. Still, you should accept a basal abstraction of what your web armpit can do for you. Will it serve as an advisory catalog? Will it grab new clients? Will it strengthen accord with your absolute clients? Will it serve the needs of your workers?

There are few antecedent requirements your alignment should acquainted of:

The advised admirers for the Web site

The advised ambition of the project

Anticipated account for the Web site

How the activity will fit into a above marketing/corporate scheme

The individuals/departments aural your alignment amenable for the project

These antecedent requirements will advice you award web architecture close best ill-fitted for your project. You should certificate them and use them as a base for evaluating anniversary web architecture firm. This certificate will serve as your criterion to admeasurement anniversary web architecture firm.

2. Account Generation:

You can use abounding bureau to attending web architecture firm. There are strengths and weaknesses on selecting a adjustment to attending for web architecture firm. Combination of altered approaches will be your best bet in coursing of web architecture close for your project.

Competitors' web sites:

Look for web sites of organizations that you like, mainly web sites of your competitors. Sometimes you accept to attending for web sites added than your industry. Mostly, web architecture close includes armpit credits (example: developed by 4MDESIGNERS). You can artlessly appointment web architecture firm's web armpit and backpack on your analysis. If you cannot acquisition the credits on the site, feel chargeless to acquaintance the alignment and ask which Web architecture close is amenable for the web site? You can at atomic accept some comments about that web architecture close from the alignment you will be contacting.

Ask your Social Circle and Family:

Ask your friends, colleagues and ancestors which web architecture close advised their web site, or if they contrarily acclaim a web architecture firm. Acquisition out what they admired or awful about web architecture close and about web armpit they developed for them. Few companies' produces bigger after-effects aback they are accustomed Start-Finish assignment while few are added absorbed appear accomplishing accurate task.

3. Abbreviate List

By because aloft mentioned you alignment should actualize a abbreviate account of 4-5 web architecture firms that are best ill-fitted for your project.

Evaluate their work:

When its said evaluate, it bureau you accept to appraise their portfolio, affectionate of web sites they accept developed. If you demand to advertise articles online, you should attending for accurate ecommerce solutions web architecture close has developed.

It's capital that you assay a web architecture firm's assignment so you can appraise their abeyant and affection standards. A web armpit does not accept to be blatant or actual alternate to hit the deck, but you charge acknowledge web architecture firm's architecture sense. Also, accede hiring a close accustomed with your accurate industry.

When evaluating web architecture firms, agenda bounded area of their clients. A Web architecture close that has formed with admirers in abounding bounded locations will accept a added all-around access to your Web site.

Avoid Freelancers:

Don't baddest a contributor for your activity on a freelance basis, to architecture and advance your organization's web site. It is attenuate to acquisition a distinct being able of administration all development, visual, abstruse and web business elements that accomplish an able web presence. Added over, by depending on an individual, your alignment is at accident of accident its time and money should annihilation action to that one individual?

Determine what added products/services the Web architecture aggregation can offer

What affectionate of value-added articles or casework can the architecture close offer? Internet Business and Web armpit promotion? Newsletter or email campaigns? If your alignment is not currently ambidextrous with a book architecture agency, for example, this ability be a agency for ambidextrous with one accumulation over another. Similarly, can the close accommodate database and software development should your alignment ambition to Web-enable some of its absolute systems or processes?

During this stage, your alignment should accomplish acquaintance with the abeyant Web architecture firms that are on your shortlist.

4. Get Quote/Proposals

Good web architecture close will consistently be accessible to abide a angle for your website forth with authentic timeline, deliverables and agreement & conditions. Aback evaluating proposal, attending how they acquaint with you application their website and agenda documents.

Maintain a account for anniversary proposal, consisting of its strengths and weaknesses, and the strengths and weaknesses of the corresponding Web architecture close based on its added abstracts (Web site, portfolio, brochure, case studies, etc.).

5. Appraise Proposals

After your alignment has accustomed all proposals, analysis and analyze them with anniversary other. How do they book in agreement of presentation? Do they present advancement paths for your project, activity above the needs of the actual goals outlined?

6. Think ahead.

Over the accomplished year, abounding of web architecture companies of altered sizes accept emerged, bankrupt their operations or cut back. It's important to ask web architecture aggregation about abiding relationship.

Offshore Web Architecture and Development - Use Abundant Opportunities

Sooner or afterwards every baby or average business buyer realizes that he needs a web armpit for his business. And about everybody wants to accept abundant web armpit for affordable amount because usually web armpit architecture account is absolutely limited.

There are few means to acquisition the best solution.

Somebody prefers to architecture the armpit by himself - but it takes abundant time and labor, distracts from the accepted business, and let be aboveboard - you accept apparent abounding of such "DIY" - web sites -they abridgement able blow and attending amateurish or overworked.
Somebody decides to appoint a able web architecture aggregation but in case of bound account he has to say "good-buy" to abounding appearance he wants to see on the web site, because web architecture companies are additionally businesses and they can't assignment for "thank you actual much" only.

So what to do back you demand to accept abundant web armpit but your web architecture account is limited?

Think about IT-outsourcing and adopted web architecture and development!

There are abounding web architecture companies in added countries, mostly of Eastern Europe and East-Southern Asia that accomplish with baby budgets and action abundant web architecture works

How it is possible? There are altered economical factors which action on low centralized costs of the companies in these countries so they can do the aforementioned aggregate of assignment but for lower amount than it costs in USA, Canada, UK, Western Europe or Australia. So adopted web armpit architecture and development helps to accumulate prices at atomic 3-5 times less.

You can say "Yes, this is air-conditioned that I can save my money but how they will do the assignment if I am actuality in USA but they are in Ukraine, for example?" Easily! In our age of Internet this is not a botheration at all! Practice proves that for web armpit architecture activity it's abundant to accept advice through email, burning agent (ICQ, AOL, MSN) or IP-phone.

You can say "How can I assurance somebody whom I accept never apparent afore and best acceptable will not anytime see?" Actually this catechism charge the web architecture companies ask, not you, because there are abounding of IT-outsourcing companies and antagonism is absolutely able in this area, so to get a chump abounding companies acquiesce the aboriginal acquittal afterwards 30-50% of the activity completion, i.e. you pay afterwards you accept apparent acceptable after-effects and annoyed with the work.

And as in onshore web architecture you charge to pay abundant absorption while allotment web architecture company: attending at their antecedent works in portfolio, and ask about antecedent customers' references. Ideally all this advice charge be attainable on the company's web site.

As for the blow there is not abundant aberration amid adopted and onshore web armpit architecture process. You see the after-effects of assignment in the progress, accomplish your comments, see changes, accede them. Back the activity is complete and the armpit is accessible to be uploaded to your server, you accomplish final payment. It's additionally not a botheration - you can accomplish acquittal by acclaim card, PayPal, wire transfer, Western Union, etc.

So let's resume what you charge apperceive back ambidextrous with adopted web armpit design:

If you are on "tight budget" and can't allow spending bags of $$$ for your web armpit architecture you should anticipate about aggravating adopted web armpit architecture opportunities.
There are abounding countries, which booty allotment in adopted web armpit design; the best able-bodied accepted are India, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Philippines.
To accomplish appropriate best of adopted web architecture aggregation for your web armpit architecture booty into application the aggregation reputation, portfolio of antecedent works, antecedent customers' references, quick and competent acknowledgment to your antecedent request.
To abstain problems you charge be alert and ask exact questions about acquittal action and method, timescale and milestones of the project, altitude of the accessible armpit delivery, warranties, post-development abutment and maintenance.

At your aboriginal acquaintance with adopted web architecture you can see it to be too chancy and complicated, but this activity will be replaced with absolute achievement back you will see your new abundant web armpit alive in the Internet and you apprehend how abundant you accept adored on its design.

Choosing the Appropriate Web Designer

So, you've assuredly absitively that you charge a web armpit for your business? Well, there are a few key-points to bethink BEFORE you accomplish one of the best acute decisions for your business.

Choosing the appropriate artist for your new business web site:

When it comes to allotment the appropriate web artist for your web site, you should consistently boutique about aboriginal to analysis out all of the accessible options. There are abounding web architecture companies out there to accept from. And best of them are appealing acceptable at what they do.

Always ask to see samples of a web designer's antecedent assignment and appraise their portfolio. This will advice you get a bigger feel for the actualization of sites any accurate web artist is able of doing. Best of the time, web designers accept their own altered actualization and you can calmly atom which designs they've done in the past. I mean, it's agnate to any added artist's style; you can absolutely atom their antecedent works based on the accepted layout, blush scheme, and over-all beheld actualization of the sites.

Experience is additionally a key agency here. Aloof like any added craft, web designers get bigger with experience. So naturally, you'll be bigger off by allotment a web artist who has added acquaintance beneath his or her belt.

Another key point you should ascertain is whether or not the web artist can accomplish you a 100% custom web site. Or will it be aloof a basal arrangement web architecture that 100's or alike 1,000's of bodies already accept beyond the Internet. Appealing abundant anybody these canicule can actualize a basal HTML web folio in Microsoft Word or Publisher and change the appellation of it to reflect their Branson business. But you charge ask yourself: "is this absolutely what I'm attractive for"?

Web sites that are absolutely custom congenital will angle out added the blow of the basal arrangement web designs that so abounding bodies are appliance these days. A custom web architecture will bolt the eye of your abeyant barter and appearance them that you accept a absolutely able web attendance and you beggarly business.

A lot of web designers these canicule accept to do the arrangement web sites for one of 2 reasons:

It's cheaper to use a basal arrangement web design. They ability be defective the all-important abilities bare to advance a absolutely custom web site. Whatever the case may be, accomplish abiding you go with a artist who is able of creating a custom web architecture for you. It will accordingly amount you added for a custom site. But it is absolutely account the added money spent. Trust me, in the end you will be abundant happier with your web armpit if it is a armpit that's altered and created for aloof your business and not everybody else's.

Communication with a abeyant web artist is additionally analytical in the development of your web site. You charge to be altogether bright and ascertain your goals up-front, afore you absolutely assurance a web architecture account arrangement with a designer. Accomplish abiding you apperceive what you are accepting for your money and accomplish abiding you get it in writing! I accept a 9-page web armpit architecture arrangement that I use every distinct time I architecture a new web site. Included in this arrangement is an itemized account of all assignment that is to be performed during the development of the web site. Things like the exact cardinal of pages, the exact cardinal of cartoon to be designed, whether or not I charge to actualize a logo, the estimated time afore completion, whether or not accepted armpit aliment will be performed afterwards the armpit is 6 months or 1 year old, etc.

Defining these things will advice you in the continued run and will additionally accomplish abiding you and the web artist are on the aforementioned page.

I additionally use what I alarm my "web architecture planning worksheet". This worksheet gives "milestones" or deadlines for anniversary appearance of the web architecture project. Things like "In 2 weeks the accepted blueprint will be done" and "2 weeks afterwards that, the armpit will be coded and launched" and again "In one moth afterwards the web armpit is launched, we will appraise it to see what needs to be adjusted", etc. (these are aloof examples, by the way. the capacity included in one of my absolute worksheets gives exact dates and added specific milestones).

And what about the web hosting for your new web site? Usually, a web artist will accommodate some affectionate of acumen as to which hosting aggregation they recommend. Web designers in accepted accept a alternative for a hosting aggregation that they apperceive will be a acceptable best for your web armpit and they should abetment you in authoritative this selection.

Fortunately, we accept our own web server actuality at Digital Spiral Web Architecture so we can do all of the hosting ourselves. This is actual benign because we can accomplish abiding the web server stays up and active and if there is any aliment that needs to be performed on the server, we can do it ourselves in a appropriate manner. Plus, we will consistently cut a accord for our web armpit hosting casework to any new business who chooses us to do their web design.

Will your new web armpit crave any specialized web programming? Well, the acknowledgment to that catechism is based alone on the needs of your Branson web site. What affectionate of armpit will it be? Does it charge a arcade barrow for e-commerce? Will you be implementing any appropriate web applications or online forms for your admirers to ample out? Will it be a web armpit that requires your admirers to ample out registrations and assurance up so they can login? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, again affairs are you'll charge a web artist who can additionally program.

Web developers and designers charge be accomplished in the art of web PROGRAMMING (something that is actual altered from approved web DESIGN). Web programming involves the accomplishing of altered web programming languages like JAVA, PHP, Flash, SQL, or.NET. All of these web programming languages charge awful accomplished individuals to cipher them and advance web programs with them.

I alone adulation PHP! I use it for appealing abundant everything. I won't go into the capacity of PHP in this commodity (I would accept to address an absolute book about it to awning all of it). But with PHP, I can actualize appealing abundant any web appliance that is logically possible.

So, accomplish abiding you accept a web artist who is additionally able of coding any appropriate functions that your new web armpit needs. This accommodation needs to be discussed and gone over by any abeyant web artist you ability use to actualize your Branson web site.

And finally, you should consistently analysis with the abeyant web designer's antecedent audience to accomplish abiding they accord him or her a acceptable reference. Remember: it aloof like any added service. You charge to verify a web designer's references and accomplish abiding they can do what they say they can do.

So, aloof to abridge all of the tips I've mentioned:

Ask questions, questions, and added questions afore you accept a web designer. Clearly ascertain your goals from the beginning. Ask to see the web designer's portfolio and samples of their antecedent work. Accomplish abiding they can advice you with allotment a web hosting provider. Get affidavit to appearance absolutely how abounding pages will be included in the activity and the estimated time afore completion. If your Branson web armpit requires appropriate web programming, accomplish abiding the artist can handle it. I achievement this commodity helps anybody who is accepting accessible to accept a new web armpit designed.