SEO: 10 Ways To Get More Website Traffic

Having a website means a need for traffic. This traffic needs to be as targeted as possible to the website you are promoting, whether it is your own web site or an affiliate program. This is the core of the business.

No traffic means No business, More traffic means More sales

But the question is - How do you get this highly targeted web site traffic?

Below are some of the most popular methods.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
Of all the pay per click search engines, Google Adwords is the largest and most popular.

This method, when done properly, will increase your exposure, and give fast results. You must keep up to date with Google's rules, so be sure to read them. You pay a one off fee when you register and set up your campaign. You can have your campaign up and running in minutes. There is a minimum bid, but of course you will have to pay more than this. But the beauty of Adwords is you can set a daily budget of how much you are willing to spend.

You can create as many campaigns as you want, and then test your ads (changing the headline for example).

Google provide tools to help you with your campaigns, and have exellent tutorials that will walk you through everything from signing up to creating your Adwords campaigns.

Link popularity
Link popularity is achieved when other sites have links to your site. If a high traffic site has links, the search engines perceive both sites must be popular. The important thing is to have quality web sites linking back to your site.

Why should anyone want to link to your site? If you have quality content, this adds apparent value and makes your site popular, so others will want to link to you.
The popular type of content could be:
  • Free downloads
  • Free reports, articles, ezine or newsletter
  • Video
  • Links to other good sites
Reciprocal Links
This means exchanging links with other quality sites. You can create a links page on your site. This creates a resource that visitors will want to return to. Find quality web sites related to your niche and contact the webmaster about exchanging links.

Ezine advertising
Most ezines accept advertising. Ezines are online or email newsletters. They are used to build a relationship between a webmaster and a web site visitor, with news, updates, special offers etc. But as always they should have quality content. You place an ad in ezines that are highly targeted towards your niche. Prices depend on the ezine, and also the position of the ad. The most expensive is the solo ad, where yours is the only ad.

Article Submissions
Submitting articles is a great way to build back links and web site visitors. Your articles can become 'viral' when others want to re-publish them on their sites, or use them in their newsletters and ezines. You include links to your site in the author resource box offering more free information. The resource box is your chance to convince the reader to visit your web site.

Here are the list of the most popular Article Submission Sites:

Forum Posting
In order to be successful using forums there are some things that are required. Do Your Homework: Prior to joining any forum, you must do some research. Join relevant forums that are in some way related to the promotion's primary sales market. Choose popular forums. There is no point in wasting your time and energy on forums that few members and few posts. Page raking and the amount of active members are two good ways to check for this. Choose forums that allow sig tags. Read the rules before joining and pay attention to them.

You've Joined: now what?

Keep your sig tag short and update it regularly. The ideal thing is to limit yourself to one link, preferably to your main website. Never create posts that are nothing more than an advertisement. This is a universal rule. At best this kind of post will be deleted by the monitors, at worst, you will be banned. Be an active member on the forum. Plan to spend at least an hour each day there. Get to know the users. Introduce yourself with intelligent questions depending upon the forum's topic.

Use Your Sig file to the best advantage and within the rules. Some Forums have places where you can advertise and give special deals to members.

Social Bookmarking
In a social bookmarking system, users store lists of Internet resources that they find useful. These lists are both accessible to the public or a specific network, and other people with similar interests can view the links by category, tags, or even randomly. Some allow for privacy on a per-bookmark basis.

Social Bookmarking can bring immediate traffic to your website, as web 2.0 community websites such as Technorati, Digg, Reddit and Tailrank provide almost immediate information on various topics. These type of Bookmarking sites index and categorize content usually faster than the major search engines. People looking for the latest information on certain topics usually refer to these types of services.

Here are some of the most popular Social Bookmarking Sites:

  1. Backflip

  2. barksbookmarks

  3. BibSonomy

  4. Blinklist

  5. Blipoo

  6. BlogBookMark

  7. BlueDot

  8. blurpalicious

  9. Bmaccess

  10. Bookkit

  11. BookMarkAll

  12. Bookmark-manager .

  13. bookmarktracker

  14. Bookmax

  15. Buddymarks

  16. Bukmark

  17. Chipmark

  18. Citeulike

  19. Claimid

  20. Clipclip

  21. Cloudytags

  22. Complore

  23. Connectedy

  24. Connotea

  25. Contentpop

  26. coRank

  27. Crowdfound



  30. Diigo

  31. Digg

  32. Dropjack

  33. Easybm

  34. Enroll

  35. ez4u

  36. Favoor

  37. Folkd

  38. Freelink

  39. Freezilla

  40. Fungow

  41. Furl

  42. Gather

  43. Getboo

  44. Google

  45. Hanzoweb

  46. Hyperlinkomatic


  48. Icio

  49. Ikeepbookmarks

  50. Iloggo

  51. Jigg

  52. Kaboodle

  53. Kinja

  54. Lifelogger

  55. Lilsto

  56. Linkagogo

  57. Linkarena

  58. Linksnarf

  59. Listerlister


  61. Markaboo

  62. Marktd

  63. Memfrag

  64. Memotoo

  65. Mister Wong

  66. Mixx

  67. Mobleo

  68. Multiply

  69. Murl

  70. MyBookmarks

  71. Myhq

  72. MyLinkVault

  73. mySiteVote

  74. MyWebDesktop

  75. Newsvine

  76. Newsweight

  77. Oyax

  78. Philoi

  79. PlugIM

  80. Propeller

  81. QuickieClick

  82. Rambhai

  83. RawSugar

  84. Reddit

  85. Searchles

  86. Segnalo

  87. Simpy

  88. Sitebar

  89. Sitejot

  90. Sk*rt

  91. Slashdot

  92. SocialDanger

  93. Socialogs

  94. Sphinn

  95. Spotback

  96. Spurl

  97. Squidoo

  98. Startaid

  99. StumbleUpon

  100. Stylehive

  101. Syncone

  102. Tagfacts

  103. Taggly

  104. Tagne

  105. Tagtooga

  106. Tagza

  107. Technorati

  108. Tedigo

  109. Thinkpocket

  110. Thoof

  111. Totalpad

  112. Urlex

  113. Uvouch

  114. Vmark

  115. Voteboat

  116. Votelists

  117. Vuju

  118. WeTogether

  119. Whitelinks

  120. Wink

  121. Wirefan

  122. Xilinus

  123. Xlmark

  124. Yahoo! Bookmarks

  125. Yattle

  126. Zlitt

  127. Zurpy

If you don't have a Bookmark Account for the ones listed go and sign up.
Viral Traffic using free reports - ebooks etc.

Directory Submissions
Submit your website url's to the search engines Google, Yahoo, MSN.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), is making web pages attractive to the search engines. The better optimized your web page is, the higher a ranking it will achieve in the search engines. Most people searching the internet only look at the first couple of search results.

So optimizing for the search engines focuses on techniques such as making sure that each web page is using the appropriate title tags and meta tags, and that the keyword or key phrases for the particular pages are distributed throughout the content. Search engines find and catalog web pages using spidering software.