Another Day !

Its already 2am here in the philippines and im still awake posting and loooking for ways to promote my blog and somehow drive traffic into it. I submitted my site and my blog to different submission sites hoping to improve my rankings. Well anyway, after posting this I am planning to reunite with my bed and kiss my wife i hope tomorrow there will be light!!!

Blogging and optimization really is a tiring job. But posting to forums and commenting to some blogs are pretty much enjoyable. Especially for those sites that provides additional info when it comes to optimization and link building. SEO is really a tough job and a never ending one. Its because theres nothing permannet in SEO i guess...every approach varies and sometimes the best things to be done today will be different tomorrow. But i guess the most imporant thing to know is that, you are aware of it and you can go with the flow.

Well I guess thats it for today. Till my next post.